Spiritual Care Counselor

Job Title:         Spiritual Care Counselor

Access to Patient/Family Information: Access to all patient and family information as it relates to the provision of care.

Access to Employee Health Information: Access to personal health information only.

Reports to: Team Manager(s)

Expectation of Employee:

  • Adhere to CareFirst Policies and Procedures
  • Interacts in a positive manner
  • Promotes Mission and Vision Statement of CareFirst
  • Actively participates in promotion of CareFirst
  • Attends CareFirst Memorial Service yearly
  • Keeps all necessary skills current
  • Understands the financial concerns of CareFirst and contributes to the fiscal integrity of the organization
  • Regularly identifies opportunities for self and organizational improvement
  • Checks CareFirst email each day worked.  Clinical staff check Suncoast communicator also.
  • Meets all metrics as established by supervisor

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Participated in the initial and ongoing physical, emotional, spiritual and social assessment of the patient/family unit.
  • Develop Plan of Care for spiritual needs with IDG, update as needed.
  • Implement spiritual aspect of Plan of Care including direct counseling and monitoring the progress of spiritual care referred to other counselors.
  • Is available for support to staff in program related matter
  • Participates in the spiritual component of CareFirst program.
  • Participate in CareFirst IDG meetings.
  • Participate in development of policies related to spiritual care.
  • Maintain documentation of spiritual services.
  • Participate in volunteer training.
  • Participate in memorial services.
  • Participate in staff and professional meetings for program development.
  • Advocate for CareFirst concepts in the community, especially with the clergy.
  • Participate in on call rotation.
  • Function in multiple care settings: home, long term care, hospital.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor


Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred. Minimum one year of training and experience in pastoral/spiritual counseling.  CPE training strongly preferred. 

Additional Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate compassionate behavior
  • Able to establish therapeutic relationships and maintain clear boundaries
  • Exceptional communication skills/counseling skills
  • Works well as part of the interdisciplinary team
  • Able to plan activities and carry them through effectively
  • Able to schedule visits efficiently
  • Positive attitude about working with families of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.
  • Works confidently within a group.