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Our Services


CareFirst is the source for excellent care, support and knowledge that enables individuals to cope with serious illness and all that comes with it.  We embrace families by respecting and empowering them to remain together at home, living their lives to the fullest.  CareFirst strengthens our community through partnerships with other community organizations and healthcare professionals and by providing education and advocacy.

  • Hospice Care – CareFirst believes everyone has the right to set their own path in life, even when that life may be nearing its natural end.  The CareFirst team provides families with what they need to honor those choices and stay together, while bringing hope, control, comfort and ease.
  • Palliative Care – Navigating the difficult course that comes with serious illness at any stage can be hard for a family to do on their own.  CareFirst offers the guidance, advice and support to empower families to chart that course and stay on that path.
  • Grief Services – Loss takes many forms and everyone heals from grief in their own way.  CareFirst stands ready to provide expertise and direct support so each aching heart can find a way to mend.
  • Education – CareFirst is a premier source of knowledge and expertise on the medical specialty of palliative care, as well as grief and home care.  By sharing this knowledge and advocating for the needs of those we serve, we enable our community to continue to grow stronger.