Residential Facilities

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When we are invited into your facility to provide Hospice or Palliative Care to your residents, we are honored by the trust that you are placing in CareFirst. We are not replacing your excellent services, merely augmenting them.

Coordinating care between two healthcare providers requires excellent communication and attention to details. If CareFirst can do anything to facilitate this coordination, our Provider Relations Team is eager to work with you. Education of both CareFirst and facility staff is essential and we stand ready to make this education happen. Call the Provider Relations Team at 607.962.3100.

All CareFirst services are available to facility residents, such as Hospice, Palliative Care, and Grief Services. Part of the coordination of care between CareFirst and your facility is coordinating the financial arrangements in place with residents. A resident’s admission to any of the CareFirst services does not affect the bottom line of either organization. For a more detailed discussion of the financial arrangements between facilities and CareFirst, please review our financial explanation for facilities.