CareFirst Pet Peace of Mind

CareFirst is pleased to announce a new program aimed at helping our hospice and palliative care patients look after their pets. Pet Peace of Mind® (PPOM) recognizes and actively supports the unique bond between patients going through life’s transitions and their pets. This program aligns with CareFirst’s mission of affirming life through extraordinary, compassionate support and care.

For many in our care, a decline in physical condition impacts a patient’s ability to enjoy socializing and maintaining human relationships over time. Pets often fill that relational void as they offer unconditional love, acceptance, comfort, and companionship at a time when it is needed most. This program allows patients to keep their pets at home throughout their life transitions.

The PPOM program is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the quality of life for hospice and palliative care patients by providing a support network to help care for the pets they love.

PPOM allows patients to complete their life transitions without worrying about their pet’s needs. The initiative provides volunteer pet care services for patients who are unable to care for their pets while on going through a life transition. Services include dog walking, pet waste cleanup, transporting the pet to veterinary or grooming appointments, pet boarding/fostering, and more.

Throughout July and August 2022 we are recruiting for our CareFirst PPOM Volunteer Team. Pet care training will take place in September and the program will begin in October.

The volunteer roles that we are recruiting for are as follows:

  • PPOM Administrative Support – assist with office functions.
  • PPOM Animal Care Volunteers* – assist with walking, transportation to appointments, waste cleanup, etc.
  • PPOM Lead Volunteers* – assist with program coordination, community connections, volunteer recruitment, etc.
  • PPOM Community Partners – assist with navigating the challenges that our patients and their pets may face.

*Job descriptions linked inline.

For more information or inquiries about CareFirst’s new PPOM pet care program, contact the CareFirst Volunteer Department at or 607-962-3100.